Hotplug, and broken MSVC build in master
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Evan Balster
2018-12-10 20:04:16 UTC
Hey, all —

I notice that the current portaudio master fails to build under MSVC. It's
a link error related to a definition that looks like... Hotplug? Looks
like Dmitry has been tinkering. The function involved is macro'd out by
default, so the link fails.

It's easy enough to work around this, but I'm tempted to ask if the group
is interested in making another push toward hotplug support next year.
Most of the pieces appear to be in place, so it's a matter of finding the
time to move it forward. For my part, I'm expecting to be able to sneak a
bit of time for that effort after January.

– Evan Balster
creator of imitone <http://imitone.com>