paUInt8 and paInt8 always get zero data in audio input CallBack function
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2018-11-22 04:29:37 UTC
1. Just edit portaudio/examples/paex_record.c,
change the sample type to paUInt8 or paInt8:

#define PA_SAMPLE_TYPE paUInt8
typedef unsigned char SAMPLE;
#define SAMPLE_SILENCE (128)
#define PRINTF_S_FORMAT "%d"

Build the example, run it, and you will get all zero data in the callback function.
The sound devices have no problem and the micphone is ok too.
It is a bug in portaudio library.
paInt16 and paFloat32 get correct data,
but paUInt8 and paInt8 always get zero data.

2. Test environment
Used souce code: pa_stable_v190600_20161030.tgz
System: WinXP or Win7
Build environment: MinGW32 + MSYS
gcc.exe (i686-posix-dwarf-rev2, Built by MinGW-W64 project) 4.9.1

3. Build cmd:
./configure --prefix=/mingw --enable-static --enable-shared --with-winapi=wmme,directx
make all
make install

4. I write another Qt example with Qt 5.4.0 MinGW version,


The QAudioInput class works fine with 8 bits sampling ,
but portaudio always gets zero data when using 8 bits sampling.